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Company Returns

Sometimes returning merchandise you've purchased online can be a bit tricky. On this page, we will explain the situations we've run in to. 


Amazon is the biggest online marketplace to date with many products to choose from and super fast shipping! Recently, Amazon changed their return policy and, it's really tough for people who live in rural areas. They are slowly taking the option of a shipping label out and implementing a QR Code method. The problem with this is only UPS corporate stores can process them (the closest one to Salida is Woodland Park). However, you can call Amazon Support to ask for an actual shipping label which they will send to your email within a few minutes. Securely attach that label onto the box,  and come drop it off with us. If you do not have access to a printer and the label is in your email, you can forward it to our email ( and we will print it out for you.

You can reuse the old packaging too (boxes & shipping envelopes) as long as it's in good condition! 

A few other companies use this QR code method, such as Charter Spectrum, Dish, and DirecTV. For a list of these support numbers (including Amazon's) click here.

This is an example of what we can process. As long as it has a tracking number we can take it:


We can't process these QR Codes:

NO QR Codes.jpg
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