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eBay Services

We also run an eBay Store, called igotstuffnthings, where we sell antiques and other various items!

To view our eBay site, click here.

You can also come by our store in Salida and look at some of our stock!

Consignment Services

We are now offering consignment services!

Why us? We have over 800 listings. We have a top

seller rating with over 2,200 reviews and a 100% positive

review. Having the use of our expertise and our store

allows for a larger viewing and exposure of your


We offer various services:

Basic Service: 

$10.00 non-refundable fee for each listing.

This includes a basic cleaning, (simple dusting or wipe down).

We will look up the item for proper listing, pricing, and description. 

Pictures will be added to showcase the item and its condition.

Items will be put up on a 10-day auction, starting at $10.00.

If not sold, we will relist by request or return to client.

We will store items on-site until sold or the auction is over.

We will cover the costs of packaging and shipping the item.

For more expensive items, we will insure through eBay from $100.00 to $1,000.00.

Additional Services:

Deep Clean- $20.00 fee


Fix and repair:


$40.00 base price: plus parts. (Subject to change

depending on item.) We will fix or repair item as

to help sell and get more value. This is not a

guarantee but will provide better selling potential 




$50.00 We have expert people who can appraise

items to give history and worth on items (no


*All sales are final and fees are nonrefundable.

We are offering our services through our

established store. There is no guarantee on any

sold price, (with exception to reserves), and

auction sells are final at sold price. An eBay employee

will be available from Noon to 4pm 

Monday thru Friday

Please make any appointments within this schedule 

Consignment Pricing:


Once your item sells we take 40% commission, the rest goes to you!

We offer free consultations! 

Please note they are just estimations and not guarantees on price.


If you havy any questions regarding our eBay Store/consignment services,

please feel free to email us at!


Let us go on a journey together!


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